Son of Salami - Fresh Baguettes

After a while of being in limbo deciding what to get with my remaining funds, looking through some record labels releases to see if I could find anything worthwhile, I stumbled upon this release from Night People Records, listened to one song from this guy and ordered it right away. Buying cassettes is a weird thing for me. I wouldn’t just buy any cassette, (especially if it was also released on vinyl and if I could afford it) I like buying stuff that makes the whole cassette listening experience really cool, something so different and special that it will make me want to rewind and play again and again. So I think it adds a lot to buying a cassette when what you’re ordering is some weird as fuck outsider lo-fi pop music recorded on a modified portable tape recorder, it’s stuff like this that really inspires me to make music. Seriously check this out if you like weird stuff like Blanche Blanche Blanche. I can’t wait for the tape to get here so I can hear the rest of the songs because they don’t seem to be too present on the internet.

I also ordered Woolworm’s and H | p s’ new albums which I am both super stoked on.

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